Move over Negroni, get outta here Gin and Tonic—you too microbrewery pale ale. There’s a new drink taking the UK by storm…but it ain’t the first time.

Single Pot Still (SPS) whiskey has a long, rich history and has survived some pretty insane times over the years. Now, it’s re-emerging as a popular drink to enjoy both in the club, by the fire, and pretty much anywhere you should be enjoying the best damn whiskey out there.

It’s also proving popular with the guys who know spirits better than anyone else—those guys whipping up cocktails behind the bar. We spoke to Ireland’s very own Dead Rabbit—who just scooped second in the World Bar Awards—over at London Cocktail Week from their New York bar, to help us bring you 10 things every guy needs to know about Single Pot Still Whiskey.