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1996 was a very, very different time. For example: Clinton was in the White House, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony were owning the airwaves with "Tha Crossroads" and as a country we were reeling in a pre-bust dot com economy. It's too bad everybody dressed like toddlers and were drinking things like Crystal Pepsi

On that note: Coca Cola has announced today that they'd be cashing in on the '90s nostalgia wave by bringing back their citrus-flavored relic, Surge. In 1996 Coke was looking to unseat Pepsi’s Mountain Dew as the reigning champ of overly-caffeinated citrus-like beverage and thus: Surge was born. Thanks to a massive Facebook campaign known as The Surge Movement, Coke has decided to sell Surge exclusively on Amazon.

See the above video for more details and rejoice, for Surge has returned. Please try not to pickle your insides too much.