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Gemma Teller-Morrow is a woman like no other. As the matriarch of SAMCRO, she's just as hard-body as any of the gun-running outlaw bikers she presides over, if not more, and like any good Crime Mom™, she only gives a fuck about one thing: the fam. Compromise the community she's worked so hard to build on any level—be it blatantly creeping with her husband, throwing shade to her daughter-in-law, or posing a real, federal threat to the family—and she will flip on you in a second and worry about the consequences later. That same protect first, ask questions later mentality recently led to a terrible decision, and as Sons of Anarchy continues its final season, Gemma's days as a free, no-fucks-given woman are numbered.

Before she gets her comeuppance though, let's reflect on six years of truly awful awesomeness. When we say "best moments," it's less a condoning of her heinous actions and more of a tribute to the entertaining reckless, sometimes scary behavior. One time for the Queen of the Harleys. These are Gemma Teller's Best Moments, in GIFs