If you have an iPhone, you have no doubt gotten in a screaming match with Siri, the phone's digital personal assistant. She's not very useful, and often does not do what you ask. And she does not take kindly to being told to fuck off. Someone wrote into U.K. paper the Guardian to complain about such a situation, and she's a doctor, no less. Usually when we tell Siri where she can shove it, she responds that she doesn't deserve such abuse or sometimes with a simple "!"

Dr. Emma Wilson's 76-year-old mother apparently just bought an iPhone, and had no idea what Siri was or that she was even using it. When she couldn't figure out how to text, she yelled "Well fuck off then." Which is a totally normal response, but that's not why Dr. Wilson took the time to write to the Guardian.

"I am writing to inquire whether anyone else has experienced what I believe is a previously undiscovered threat to human life from over-engineering in new technology," she wrote. After her mother yelled at the phone,  "a voice replied, with the eerie calm hitherto only mastered by HAL: 'Have I done something wrong?' She did not know the phone was equipped with a speech app and is still in a state of physical and emotional collapse."

Is there a support group for people abused by Siri? Honestly, don't dish it out if you can't take it, granny.

[via the Guardian]