Oil companies are evil? Who knew!? 

But seriously, America's addiction to the gas pump is... not great to say the least. And in the upcoming, eye-opening documentary, Pump, you'll find out that the oil industry has always had a sketchy foundation (If you don't know, now you know...). 

So who's fighting to change things? That's where Pump comes in. The documentary, narrated by Jason Bateman, sets out to explain how we can all wean ourselves off oil in favor of cheaper, cleaner alternatives with the help of industry game-changers.

The clip above introduces you to one of those guys: Elon Musk, the dude who went from giving the world PayPal to co-founding Tesla, a car company dedicated to making a luxury product that runs electric. BMWs and Benzes are fly, but they better watch out for Musk's whips.

Pump is in select theaters on Sept. 19. Get more info on the doc here