Rarely in life are the best kinds of leaks accidental. But in the case of the photo from the set of Star Wars: Episode VII, it’s OK to be thrilled about some unwanted leakage.

It all happened yesterday when a British photographer named Matthew Myatt was photographing landscapes to use on the website and promotional materials for the Airborne Aviation flying school. As he cruised over Greenham Common, he noticed something “unusual” but just kept snapping away.

When he got home that night and took a closer look, he realized what it was: the Millennium Falcon and a partially-covered X-Wing from the Star Wars set:

How a photographer accidentally took snaps of the new Star Wars set http://t.co/DqHFgj60Il pic.twitter.com/xMdVdHkAcW

— Sky News (@SkyNews) September 10, 2014

While it’s certainly a funny story, there doesn’t appear to be anything remarkable or controversial about the ship itself. It still looks like the same hunk of junk that made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs.


[via Slash Film]