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The serial celebrity tackler appears to have struck again.

This time, the target of the notorious prankster Vitalii Sediuk was Kim Kardashian. She rolled into a Paris Fashion Week event along with husband Kanye West and mother Kris Jenner, and got absolutely mobbed getting out of the limo. As you can see on this TMZ-exclusive video, security is so preoccupied with the crowd that somebody runs right into Kim before they even had a chance to react.

Sediuk (through his rep, which apparently he somehow needs) is taking credit for the stunt. Thought to be in retirement after finally leaving the United States earlier this summer, Sediuk had said upon his departure that “Basically, I'm changing my life.” Unsurprisingly, that turned out to not be true.

It’s unclear how this is any different from his previous antics involving the likes of Will Smith and Brad Pitt, other than maybe he is moving from hugging to tackling? Hardly a “change.”