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Officials say a Florida man who was convicted of two murders dared a judge to give him the death penalty.

According to NBC Miami, James Herard, 25, was convicted by a Fort Lauderdale jury in May following a series of 2008 robberies. One such incident left Eric Jean-Pierre, 39, dead. Though Herard did not actually kill Jean-Pierre, authorities allege that he goaded Tharod Bell into doing it. Herard already received a life sentence for the 2008 murder of Kiem Huynh, and was sentenced to die after being found guilty on 18 of 19 charges.

Herard's defiance is fueled by his belief in his own innocence, and that a the court won't actually send an innocent man to die. "Go ahead and do what you gonna do," he reportedly told a Broward County judge last week. "I pretty much dare you to give me the death sentence because I’m innocent."

[via NBC Miami]

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