America has a cop problem. The problem is that our cops are dicks. Not all of them, but a bunch of them. When's the last time you had an interaction with a cop and thought, "You know what, that cop seems like a cool guy. I'd like to get a beer and talk about the new FKA Twigs album with him"? Thought so. But, as Bored Panda points out, cops in Iceland's capital of Reykjavik actually do seem cool. They're the sort of police where "keeping the peace" doesn't sound like some sort of ironic joke. This isn't a department where a hashtag like #myNYPD would turn into a horrible, embarrassing clusterfuckHeck, the Icelandic Police have an entire Instagram devoted to pictures of them hanging with cute dogs, doing extreme sports, and just being awesome. Scroll down to see the wonderment Iceland's finest have to offer, or head to Instagram for even more.

Nathan Reese is a News Editor at Complex. He tweets here