In the back of your mind, you always know that there are crazy “truthers” out there who believe pretty much every major event is the result of some kind of conspiracy. Some of them talk about 9/11, others about President Obama’s birthplace, but you always shake your head whenever they get going. This latest example, though, might be the worst of them all.

In Colorado, candidate for Pueblo County Commissioner Tom Ready posted a link on his Facebook page to a story questioning whether the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. ever really happened. When pressed about it by his opponent at a recent debate, Ready said “I don’t think [the shootings] been proven. And what’s wrong with open discussion?”

As if this weren’t enough, he went on to say “Some of the people, if you recall, there was a picture of a man walking in whose daughter had died, he was smiling and joking. When he walked into the room, he turned and all of a sudden had tears in his eyes. Why?”


[via Salon]