There isn’t a whole lot of sexiness in crunching numbers, but when it comes to porn preferences, you can learn quite a lot about men and women just from looking at a few charts.

PornHub has released a whole bunch of gender-based data that reveal how men and women use the website differently. The idea was to identify just what it is women want in their adult entertainment, and some of the answers (Kim Kardashian? Really?) will surprise you.

The full report is available here, and the page itself is SFW. However, considering the “pornhub” in the URL, maybe you want to wait to check it out until you get home.

Also, if you have delicate sensibilities when it comes to language, you might want to click away. Now, onto the data!

Apparently, ladies are very open-minded when it comes to homosexuality:

Wait, scissoring is actually a popular thing? Who knew.

It also shouldn’t come as a huge shock that women are looking for more female-centric themes in their porn than men:

Most of these make sense, but “old man?” Come on, ladies. Gross.

When it comes to the stars of these movies, a familiar name in pop culture reigns atop the rankings for ladies’ first choice:

There are lots of lessons to be learned here, not the least of which is that ladies seem to prefer a mix of celebrity and experienced adult film pro in their video stars. 

The only thing not explained is how the data were collected, but it's probably safe to assume that it didn't require participants to fill out any post-video surveys.