Three women were arrested in Las Vegas for allegedly stealing high-priced watches from men, which they stashed in their vaginas. 

The Fox 5 in Las Vegas reports that the crime occurred on Aug. 17 when the trio—Charmella Triggs, 23-year-old Bryanna Warren and Trinity Kennard, also 23—met two men at Encore casino-hotel's and ended up in their room. The men reportedly noticed their Rolex watches (valued at $4,000 and $12,000) were missing after they had been removed while two of the culprits performed sex acts on them. 

The men accused Triggs, Kennard and Warren of stealing their watches, prompting them to threaten the men with a stun gun before fleeing into an elevator. Surveillance cameras reportedly captured the woman hiding the watches inside of their bodies. 

Police apprehended them when the elevator reached the ground floor, and they were charged with conspiracy to commit robbery, burglary, and grand larceny. 

[via Fox 5 and New York Daily News]

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