Could the show about blowhards be losing their biggest blowhard of all?

Last night after the True Blood series finale, HBO aired their first teaser for the upcoming final season of The Newsroom, the Aaron Sorkin creation that has generated a lot of very strong and mixed opinions (sometimes even from Sorkin himself). While there was no actual footage of the show, viewers got to see some lines from the scripts with absolutely zero context.

Among them are:

Will (Jeff Daniels): How do you think they're gonna get the whistleblower?

Reese (Chris Messina): He's gonna be sent to jail.

Maggie (Alison Pill): Feel free to fire me.

Will: You induced him to commit a felony. You conspired to commit espionage.

Will: Well…I think it's time for me to quit.

It sounds like a self-righteous Daniels is ready to quit in a defiant standoff over something he believes in! He's standing up for his morals and placing his integrity above the network's insatiable desire for ratings! How very...expected.

The new season starts in November, so hopefully between now and then HBO will drop some actual footage from the show.

[via THR]