Gwen Stefani blew it when it came time to call Stephen Colbert's name at the Emmys Monday night, but Colbert seems to be taking it well. So well, in fact, he decided to change his name to "Colbore" during the opening credits of last night's episode. 

Because the entire episode was filmed last week, Colbert couldn't directly acknowledge the gaffe during the show. But this was a great, subtle way of poking fun at the whole thing, and we wouldn't be surprised if Stephen has something else to say about it down the road. 

Stefani is also handling the mistake like a champ, acknowledging it last night in the series finale of Chelsea Lately. While introducing the We Are the World-esque song to close the show, she called Chelsea Handler "Chelsea Hammer." 

In case you missed it, here's the flub in all its painful glory (the "woo!" makes it so much worse):