Fans of The O.C., this one might sting: Mischa Barton, most famous for playing messed-up rich girl Marissa Cooper, apparently regrets starring in the mid-2000s teen drama. In an interview with Metro UK​, Barton said that she would "probably not" accept the role if given the choice again. She went on to say that she almost didn't take it the first time through. Thankfully for fans of the show and her rocky relationship with Ryan Atwood (portrayed by James Gordon in Fox's upcoming GothamBen McKenzie), she did go on to star as Cooper though.

The interview also touched on Barton's turbulent personal life since leaving the show via her character's Season 3 [REDACTED FOR SPOILERS] exit. When asked about her reputation and whether it matters to her, Barton scoffed, "Certainly not!" Makes sense, because she's been through more than most teen-actors-turned-trainwrecks: a 2007 DUI/possession of marijuana/driving without a valid license charge, a 2009 involuntary confinment under California's 5150 law, and her current mortgage/foreclosure dilemma (she owes over $100,000 on her Beverly Hills home). 

For her part, however, Barton seems to want to focus on her career, hoping to be known more as a "hard-working actress" than anything else. Good luck, Mariss—we mean, Mischa.

Peep the video above for more on the interview.

[via Metro UK]