If at this point nobody has named you for the ice bucket challenge, you should be seriously worried.

The latest big time celebrities to get in on the action were Leonardo DiCaprio, Amy Adams, and Henry Cavill, dunking themselves in cold water to raise money for ALS research. The viral campaign has raised an astonishing $88.5 million to date.

Unequivocally, Leo wins these two videos. Not only does he totally own the bun/beard look, but he raises awareness for a difference cause (the impact of the Canadian Tar Sands. We had to look it up) and also cut a huge check to the ALS Association ($100,000). The lesson is, of course, that it’s always great to be Leo.

The Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice co-stars don’t have quite the same fanfare. Cavill never really says a word and doesn’t even challenge anyone, which seems kind of strange. But hey, how about that hair.

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