No one is more upset about Kick-Ass 3 being dunzo than Kick-Ass star, Chloë Moretz.

Moretz, who played “Hit Girl” in the comic book hero flick, recently spoke to Digital Spy revealed another sequel wasn't happening and blamed Kick-Ass 2’s weak performance on piracy: 

It’s important to note that the only reason Kick-Ass got a sequel was because of the large profits from Blu-Ray and DVD sales. Piracy kind of cuts into that.

Take this summer’s The Expendables 3, which didn’t break box-office bank, probably because the movie leaked online before the film premiered.

17-year-old Moretz will be just fine considering the success of this summer's YA favorite, If I Stay, and promising upcoming films like Laggies, with Keira Knightley, and Clouds of Sils Maria, with Kristen Stewart.

[via ScreenRant]