Here's what we're learning about the freaks of American Horror Story: Freak Show's 1950s freak show: they've got a leg up on the competition. In fact, you might even say they're way a-head of the game. 

OK, terrible-ass puns aside, the creepy, new teaser shows a chick with three legs: 


And the new poster, released exclusively to The Hollywood Reporter, shows that Sarah Paulson's character has two heads. Here's a little bit of it: 


You can see the entire thing at The Hollywood Reporter.

Other tidbits that have dribbled out over the past few weeks: They've cast the "world's smallest woman," Kathy Bates is a bearded lady, and Michael Chiklis is a leotard-rocking, old-school strongman. 

The series is set to premiere Oct. 8 on FX. 

[Via EW]

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