An elephant gun may have been enough for the dad from Family Ties to take down a giant, man-eating sandworm in Tremors, but nothing can stop Hollywood's appetite for recycling things that were great 20 years ago. 

To be fair, there were several lower-budget, straight-to-video sequels and a television show that came after the original 1990 film, but the now-confirmed Tremors reboot will mark the franchise's return to movie theaters (or, if you want to see it like the other Tremors films, wait until starts running on TBS at 1 a.m.). 

The film will be directed by Michael Paul and will benefit from a huge leap in special effects over the past 25 years. Hopefully not too much, though,  because the garbage effects from the original are part of what we love about it.

No word on the cast or a release date yet, but we'll make a bold prediction and say Kevin Bacon is probably not returning. Michael Gross, on the other hand, might be all over this. 

[Via Uproxx]