Do you remember how professors always said “never use Wikipedia as a source?” Well, this is why. In what could be the best Internet troll we’ve seen in a while, Tim Howard, goalkeeper for USMNT, was named Secretary of Defense of the United States.

On Tuesday, USMNT lost to Belgium. As unfortunate as the situation was, Howard played like his life was on the line with 16 saves, which is more than anyone in a World Cup game in more than 50 years. He was named the player of the game because he truly kept the team alive during extra time.

To pay respect, someone edited a Wikipedia page and named Howard 'Secretary of Defense of the United States of America'. See what they did there? The page, unfortunately, was promptly turned back to Chuck Hagel, the real Secretary of Defense, even though he didn’t help the team out on Tuesday at all.

It may not be a World Cup trophy, but Howard should feel proud to be a part of the greatest Wikipedia trolls of all time.

[via The Verge]

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