A quality scoop of ice cream isn't difficult to find in this city. And, it's a good thing—a respite from these steamy streets is so necessary, particularly when that respite comes in the form of dairy and sugar. 

With beloved creamery Ample Hills expanding to a second location (and releasing a new book on how to recreate their goods at home), Hay Rosie ice cream factory opening in Brooklyn, and the debut of Morgenstern's stunning new parlor on the Lower East side, there's never been a better time to get down on a scoop—or several. 

If you needed an excuse to forgo Mr. Softee for new horizons, here it is: A guide to some of NYC's best ice cream spots, in crave-inducing GIFs.

Words by @ShanteCosme
Images and GIFs by @LizBarclay

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