When you're promoting a movie, the typical protocol is to, you know, promote that movie. Keira Knightley seemed to have missed that memo when she claimed that the film Love Actually was the greatest movie ever during her promotional tour for her new movie Begin Again. Knightley went on MSNBC’s Morning Joe where she praised her old holiday rom-com.

In all fairness, she didn’t flat-out claim that Begin Again sucks. Rather, when Joe asked her “Is Love Actually the greatest movie ever or the worst movie ever?" the actress quipped, “It is obviously the greatest movie ever." 

Knightley, who played Juliet in the 2003 movie, went on to say that Love Actually should certainly be shown more on cable television networks. Between cynics and sentamentalists, there is a long-standing debate whether the Christmastime favorite is actually the worst or best movie ever made.

Morning Joe host, Joe Scarborough says, “I go out and ask people and it’s always a 50-50 split." Whatever side of the fence you’re riding, it's hard to deny that you watch it on cable every single time it's on.

As for the apparently lesser movie, Begin Again, starring KnightleyMark Ruffalo, and Maroon 5 lead singer, Adam Levine, is set to premiere June 30. The movie tells a serendipitous story between a has-been music executive and a young singer-songwriter new to New York who unite for an unexpected dream collaboration. 

[via Uproxx