“Mitch, I’m gonna go snake out on this one.”

And with those words, Chris Pratt nearly ended his career before it even got started.

Yesterday on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Pratt told a hilarious story about the time he got in a ton of trouble from NBC for flashing Amy Poehler on the set of Parks and Recreation. It seems that, for a scene in which a nude Andy (Pratt) misreads signals and returns nude to surprise Ann (Rashida Jones), Pratt was disappointed with the reaction he was getting while wearing the flesh-colored underwear he had been given.

Ever the method actor, Pratt made the bold decision to go “trou down” (as he put it). While they did end up using that take in the final cut of the show, Pratt also received a stern warning from NBC not to do it again and not to joke about it.

Everything about this story is perfect: the mic operator named Mitch, the legitimately shocked face of Poehler, Pratt’s reaction to NBC’s letter…just everything.

And is it wrong if this makes us like him more? We obviously don’t know Poehler, but we really believe in our hearts that she was totally cool with it. Because…it’s Chris Pratt! He’s too nice for it to be anything but harmlessly hilarious.

Once again, Pratt wins life.

[via Gawker]