There is nothing quite as annoying as people sharing blog posts and essays on Facebook. When you see one you wince and think, “That’s not what I’m here for. Back to the bikini pics and drunken wedding reception selfies please." It doesn't help that the pieces that show up on your feed are often so awful. Facebook is home to the kind of feel-good, superficial essays, articles, and think pieces that are the written equivalent of smooth jazz; they seem pleasant enough at first, but if you really listen, it's enough to make you suicidal.

As long as these pieces go unread, no harm no foul. Attractive, vaguely optimistic headlines don’t really hurt anyone. However, as these articles rack up thousands and thousand of shares, some people are going to end up reading them. Once you dig into many of these pieces, you realize what seemed like a harmless essay is often doing something insidious. Beneath the flowery optimism that makes the blog so damn sharable, are messages that simply aren’t worth spreading. Here are Bloggers Who Get Shared All Over Your Facebook That Are Actually Terrible.

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