The Avengers made well over $635 million in international and domestic sales last year. 

That's not including DVD sales, digital rentals, action figures, and the vast umbrella of merchandising tie-ins like Taco Bell collectible cups and limited edition fitted bed sheets. And yet, for all of that made in China merch, we never got an officially licensed video game of the film. Sure, there were a flood of tangentially associated mobile games that were jam-packed with in-app purchases, but no real console release that normally accompanied movie releases of days past. Granted, most of those officially licensed tie-ins were hasty cash grabs that are notorious for being shit, but the point stands: where's the Joss Whedon Avengers game?


Cinefix, the people behind the amazing 8-bit Kill Bill and Donnie Darko videos, have released the closest thing we're going to get to a Joss Whedon Avengers game. Granted, that game looks like it was released in the summer of 1993, but that doesn't change the canyon of want currently occupying the middle of my being. Watch the video from Cinefix and let the thirst wash over you.