With all likelihood pointing to the highly anticipated iWatch dropping this coming fall, Apple is doing everything in its power to ensure they have the best team behind them for the release. As we reported earlier this week, Apple already picked up three heavy hitters from the fashion industry to help curate the iWatch, including the former VP of Sales for Tag Heuer. Now, Apple has made two key hires from the tech industry as well.

Last month, when Nike announced that it was discontinuing its FuelBand product line, most members of the 80-person team were out of a job. However, we have now learned that two of them have joined Apple pending the release of the iWatch. As we’re sure Apple will have many more wearable products in the future, having a few tech experts on board is certainly a good play.

According to a report by 9to5Mac, former FuelBand team members Ryan Bailey and Jon Gale were both hired by Apple in June. Bailey was Nike’s Senior Test and Validation Engineer while Gale was Senior Firmware Engineer.

Although the exact release of the wearable technology is still unknown, we can assume that it will launch sometime prior to the holidays. You know, just in time to have everyone spend his or her bonus on it.


[via BGR