You know how sometimes celebrities do something that is so out of character and the opposite of what you thought of them that it leaves you totally reeling?

This is not one of those times.

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino of Jersey Shore fame was arrested yesterday at…a tanning salon. For fighting. With his brother.

Apparently, they co-own the New Jersey salon, and were disagreeing about how to run the business. As often happens with adults in their 30s (not actually), a disagreement over best business practices led to fisticuffs. For what it’s worth, Situation was the only one arrested.

It’s always kind of amazing when you can get a story that has literally zero details that don’t make you nod your head and say, “yep, that totally makes sense.” But, when you’re talking about the man who made “G.T.L.” a worldwide catchphrase and also broke his hand punching a concrete wall, it feels like this is the only outcome possible.

June has not been especially kind to Situation; last week, his employees at the tanning salon called police when their paychecks bounced. The amounts ranged from $100 to $200. 


Really, the only question that remains is: when will we see him back on reality TV? Is it too soon for us to suggest he and his brother just start filming their lives at the tanning salon? It sounds really entertaining, in a sick/sad way.

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