China is a bastion of industry, an economic powerhouse, and America's chief rival for global political dominance, so it would only stand to reason that they invent a device as genius as the Eros Protector a.k.a. the Thong Condom. Behold: 

According to Rocket News 24, this revolutionary schematic was drawn-up by a group of students hoping to combine the G-string, condom, and fertility herbs into a single all-in-one, err, package. 

According to the report, the students received $300,000 U.S. in funding and production is imminent: 

The Eros Protector will come with a pouch that dispenses specially designed condoms that actually screw into place on the front of the thong. Apparently, instead of standard lubricant, these condoms also come equipped with a Chinese herbal blend lubricant that helps to maintain the pH balance of a woman’s private parts.
Yongxiang and team’s invention apparently shows so much promise it has attracted over US $300,000 in investment money from China’s venture capital firm Guangdong Yuezheng Investment Management Limited, who have high hopes that the risky investment will pay out due to the project’s creativity.

So, yeah, this thing is likely some sort of (super hilarious) joke. Still, whoever drew that sketch clearly has a bright future in design ahead of them. And in case you wanted to know what the different parts refer to in English, Beijing Cream has the translation: 

1. G-String part
2. Condom part
3. Vertical streaks
4. Anti-skidding microcapsules
5. Sacs
6. Elastics

[via Elite Daily, Rocket News 24, and Beijing Cream]