Date: 6/3/2014
Location: Fort Worth, Texas
Crime: Triple homicide
Ratchet Meter: 6

Apparently the need to post something on Facebook before anyone else doesn't go away, even when it's a murder. Or, when you're the one who committed the murder.

Twenty-two-year-old Cedric D. McGinnis of Texas killed three women June 3: his ex-girlfriend, April Serrano, and her sister and mother. McGinnis allegedly killed April and either her mother or sister by shooting them in the head, and at least one of the women died of a stab wound to the torso. When April's father came home, he shouted "They killed my family!" while on the phone with 911. Shortly after the killings, McGinnis went on Facebook to post about April's death, all without mentioning he was the one to blame. "R.I.P April Marie Serrano mane," he wrote. "It's always the innocent ones that get fucked over. Gone but never forgotten. RNS #lovetothefamily #lovetoher."

Cops soon learned that he and April had a previous relationship, and went to question him, where he confessed after some prying.