Today Twitter user @ElineMuijres pointed out a fun new game that you can play on the Internet for free. Playing in groups of four, you'll be subjected to a gauntlet of speed and memory games you need to solve for the sake of your teammates. Essentially, if you fail, then your teammates are the ones who shoulder the burden. There are no individual winners. At the end of the round, your group either has an above-average score or you don't.

There's also a twist: this game is used by the Swedish military to train its soldiers. When you think about all of the team-building and rapid-fire decision-making skills that the game emphasizes, it's not too hard to see the connection. Best of all, the game isn't particularly violent or heart-stopping. If you've had a long day and need to quickly rebuild your focus, then this could be a quick and easy solution to your problem.

You can play it now here.

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[via Kotaku]