It was all anyone talked about on Wednesday. 

A video of a man being repeatedly called "nigger" by a ferociously angry woman erupted on the Internet that day, in an altercation that was allegedly sparked when the man started his ignition and startled the woman's children. The footage captures an explosion of racism with the woman having full knowledge that she was being recorded.

“So she comes walking down, saying, ‘You ignorant fucking N*gger.’ And I said, What did you say? She said, ‘You ignorant fucking N*gger. I said, Wow, I can’t believe you said this,” the man behind the camera, 36-year-old Narvell Benning, told News One. Turns out, he was just stopping by the store to pick up some deodorant. 

From the interview:

“The only thing I was getting upset about was the fact that she was doing that in front of her kids,” he said. “When you do that in front of your kids, you don’t give them an opportunity to love. It’s all about hate and hating something they have no idea about. I’m a calm individual anyway. I’m only competitive when it’s basketball time. I used to play basketball in college and that’s when my competitive nature comes out, but off the court, I’m cool, calm, collected, respond when I need to respond. That’s my demeanor.”

The woman, Janelle Ambrosia, later tried to say that he called her a "crackheaded cracker" in an interview with WBLK, but Benning denies this.

"She is a threat to society if you really think about,” he continued. “If my kids would have been in the car, they probably would’ve started crying. I’m just glad they weren’t in the car.”

Check out the entire interview at News One. Ambrosia's WBLK response is below.

And the original video here:

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