Photoshop has changed the way we look at the world, and at ourselves. Today the computer program is essential to advertising and media companies, but has come under fire for being abused by these industries. But it's not limited to be companies: now that our selfie culture has taken over thanks to Facebook and Instagram, people often time "Photoshop" themselves past anything bounded in reality.

But out of the millions of photographs that have been edited with the software, what was the first one? Well, it's the one you see above. It was taken by John Knoll, whose brother was working on the software that would become Photoshop way back in 1987. It's of Knoll's then girlfriend (and now wife), and was the first image to be used in demos of the software that John and his brother showed off, and the image became known as "Jennifer in Paradise." 

Check out Knoll demonstrating the photo on an old version of Photoshop:

[via The Guardian]

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