This past Saturday's Orphan Black season two finale was crazy for a lot of reasons, but one of the most insane scenes of the episode was actually one of the most joyous: For the first time in the show's 20-episode history, we saw four clones together on screen in one scene, having a dance party no less. I know, I know—it sounds like the plot of a bad fanfic, but trust me, it was an amazing sequence.

Considering that each clone is portrayed by just one Tatiana Maslany, this was also likely a tiresome scene to shoot: each character's actions had to be filmed separately, then the scenes would need to be spliced together in post-production. We've often seen two clones on screen together, sometimes three, but never four—it's kind of a whole new ballpark.

Of course, Orphan Black pulled it off flawlessly. Check out how exactly they put the scene together with the cute little featurette above. When's season three, again?

[via BBC America/YouTube]