We guess it's true. Once you've found your success you don't have to be a stripper anymore. Matthew McConaughey's got his Oscar, he doesn't need to be a dancer for money. 

According to co-star Gabriel Iglesias, McConaughey may not sign on to the Magic Mike seque. He explains, "Word has it that Matt’s probably not gonna be involved, because he’sworth a lot of money now..." 

How you gonna do the ladies dirty like that, McConaughey? Who do you think is responsible for the McConaissance? All those ladies who lined up opening night to see you almost fully nude, save for your cowboy hat, that's who. Women had their bachelorette parties at that movie. That's how much they love you. There were women who wore "Bride to Be" beauty queen sashes across their chest storing your naked image in their spank bank for the years of boring, uneventful, life of sex with the same man after their "I do." They made you. You may owe them a little strip tease.

[via Indiewire]