E3 is starting today which means that big announcements can be expected from major players within the industry at any moment. And starting off the proceedings is Konami, whether they like it or not. Early this morning a trailer for the company's heavily anticipated Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain was leaked on their YouTube channel before being taken down shortly thereafter. However, some copies of the video have survived. 

As you can see, the trailer opens with a quote by Mark Twain, and then goes on to display impeccable visuals, thrilling gameplay, and a narrative that looks appropriately dramatic for the series. At the end of the video we hear actor Kiefer Sutherland providing voice-over work in the role of Snake, a position he recently took on for the series. The song playing in the background is Mike Oldfield's "Nuclear", a track released earlier this year on his album Man on the Rocks. Given the game's old-school, rugged feel, Oldfield's tune fits in nicely with the trailer. You can watch the entire thing above. 

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