A month ago, Edgar Wright was signed on to direct Marvel’s Ant-Man, and all was good and just in the world. However, since then, Wright dropped out of the project over creative differences; then two potential replacements—Adam McKay and Rawson Thurber—both decided to shoot down Marvel’s offers to direct. Now, according to Deadline, the studio is eyeing two more names to salvage the project: Nicholas Stoller (Forgetting Sarah Marshall) and Michael Dowse (The Goon).

Both directors are obviously adept at handling comedies, but will they be willing to hop on a project that has so many issues attached to it? The movie needs to be in theaters next July, so to hit that mark the production process will be accelerated, meaning no major script changes will be able to be made. Basically, any director who takes this job is making someone else’s movie.

Will one of these directors take the job and put an end to this saga? It’s possible. But with Marvel’s recent track record, we wouldn’t put any money on it.

[via Deadline]