For those who loved Ms. Frizzle and travelling back in time, into space, and inside the human body, we have great news:

The Magic School Bus is coming back.

Netflix has agreed to a deal with Scholastic Media to bring back the beloved cartoon (based on the equally-beloved books), entitling this new program The Magic School Bus 360° and debuting it sometime in 2016. And yes, Ms. Frizzle will be back behind the wheel.

The new iteration will not be a carbon copy of the first, however. According to Deborah Forte, president of Scholastic Media, Ms. Frizzle and the bus will both be modernized, and some of scientific tools being used will also be updated. Hopefully they will also address the fact that there is a living, breathing dinosaur hanging out with the students at all times.

The Magic School Bus cartoon first began in 1994 on PBS, and was the longest-running science program for kids in history. If you’re really immature, want to learn more about science, or just need to work on your phonics skills, there are still new books being released regularly.

And now, just for old time’s sake:

[via New York Times]