Many gamers, especially those are high-powered PCs, were put off by the final release of Watch Dogs. Graphical purest were disappointed that the game seemed to be lacking many of advanced features, like dynamic lighting and didn't live up to how the game was presented in previews over the past two years. Now a modder has discovered files hidden in the game that drastically improve how it looks.

The discovery was announced on Guru3D and NeoGAF which allows various tweaks to Watch Dogs lighting, camera angles and performance enhancers. The modder, TheWorse said that the original reason to look into the game files was to fix a stuttering problem during play. Only to discover a wealth of performance enhancers and graphics that were simply turned off.

The results, displayed in the gallery above, is remarkable. Gamers accused Ubisoft of hobbling Watch Dogs PC release to make it look similar across all consoles. This will certainly add fuel to that argument. Check out hi-res images in the link below.

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[via NeoGAF]

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