We have to say, it’s really nice to write something about Ant-Man that doesn’t have to do with somebody dropping out. Peyton Reed is settled in to direct, and Anchorman’s Adam McKay is onboard to re-write original director Edgar Wright’s script.

And now, the plot is beginning to come together as well. All we knew to date was that the story would follow Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas, and explore their relationship as Rudd takes over the job of Ant-Man from Douglas. Now, JoBlo has revealed further details:

Story begins with Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) being a thief and single dad who has fallen on hard times and one day breaks into Hank Pym's apartment and steals the Ant-Man suit.

The main villain's name is Darren Cross who, in the comics, runs Cross Technological Enterprises, a competitor company for Stark Industries and Oscorp. His cousin is the villain known as Crossfire. It's unknown if this role will be played by Patrick Wilson or Corey Stoll.

He will have a suit with a similar feel to Ant-man's but more miltary style, yellow and black in color, and with a tendril-looking apparatus coming off [sic] it's back (like with Agent Venom). It's to note that in the comics Cross looks more like a pink Hulk, so there may well be some merging of attributes from other characters for this role or multiple villains at that (Yellowjacket, perhaps?).

Either Stoll or Wilson would be great as the main villain. Both can be sinister when they want to, and both are definitely actors whose stars are rising.

Now that the focus is on the actual movie rather than the politics surrounding the production, more Ant-Man details will surely be emerging soon. We have to say, we're finally starting to get excited again.

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