The first round of voting for the Madden NFL 15 cover athlete is over but it's not too late to cast your vote. Hit up MaddenVote to get in on the second round. Check out the breakdowns of the first round below.

First Round Results

·         Richard Sherman (73%) defeated Alshon Jeffery (27%)

·         Jimmy Graham (63%) defeated  Eddie Lacy (37%)

·         Luke Kuechly (51%) defeated  Demaryius Thomas (49%)

·         Colin Kaepernick (57%) defeated Nick Foles (43%)

·         Cam Newton (80%) defeated Antonio Brown (20%)

·         Jamaal Charles (52%) defeated A.J. Green (48%)

·         LeSean McCoy (77%) defeated T.Y. Hilton (23%)

·         Andrew Luck (76%) defeated Alfred Morris (24%)

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