Apple and Samsung may be at each other's throats in court as each side accuses the other of ripping off their ideas, but at least there's one thing they can agree on: Samsung makes good iPad displays.

Since Apple doesn't manufacture their iPad displays themselves, they send out that responsibility to other companies. So far, the top two companies tasked with making the displays have been LG and Samsung. A new report found that Apple switched their top supplier for iPad Air and iPad Retina displays from LG to Samsung last quarter, despite being in a heated court battle with the latter. Samsung shipped 5.2 million units, which accounted for 62 percent of all iPad Air and iPad Retina displays. LG, on the other hand, went from having a 61 percent share to a 38 percent share last quarter. Ouch.

If there is one thing this proves, companies can let bygones be bygones when there is money on the line.

[via CNET]