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After original director Sam Fell dropped out of the Jackie Chan-led action comedy Skiptrace, the movie has found a new leader with several noteworthy action credits to his name: Renny Harlin.

Previously, Harlin had directed Die Hard 2 and Cliffhanger, two of the 90s’ biggest action movies. So why was he so available? Well, his most recent credits are the Kellen Lutz-led The Legend of Hercules and John Cena’s 12 Rounds. Neither is what you’d call a critical or box office hit.

For Chan, it’s a return to the genre he knows best: the "mismatched buddy comedy with lots of fighting involved" category. Chan will play a detective trying to save his niece, but to do it he will need to team up with an American gambler played by (who else?) Seann William Scott. Together, they’ll crack both wise and skulls as they rip through the Hong Kong underground and save the day.

Will Skiptrace be more Rush Hour or Shanghai Knights? Only time will tell.

[via Vulture]