Rotten Tomatoes score: 5%

"Sitting through it, I found myself shuddering at what Disney may have in store for next summer. Perhaps the story of a young history teacher who is sent back to the 12th Century to help turn ragtag misfits into a confident and successful Little League jousting team. Would they call it Knight School?" —John Petrakis, The Chicago Tribune

It would probably be more interesting to use this space to pitch bits for Knight School than to discuss A Kid in King Arthur's Court, but unfortunately, that isn't the task at hand. Mark Twain's original novel, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, has inspired various and sundry adaptations and homages; projects as diverse as The Transformers (TV series) and Army of Darkness have incorporated Twain's story into their own. Of the numerous takes on A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, this one may be the worst. Even a knowledgeable film buff would be hard pressed to find a film as derivative as what Disney put together with A Kid in King Arthur's Court.

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