About Last Night, which drops on Blu-ray and digital on May 20, is a modern spin on the classic Battle of the Sexes. It follows two friends (Kevin Hart and Michael Ealy) who get involved with two best friends (Regina Hall and Joy Bryant), as they try to balance their new relationships with their old friendships.  

In the exclusive clip above, you can hear Kevin Hart and Michael Ealy discuss the difficulties their characters face when challenged with not letting a new relationship come between them. While you're at it, check out this helpful list of ways to avoid ever letting romance come between you and your friends: 

1. Don't Break Plans With the Boys: It's pretty simple. A man keeps his word, especially when it comes to hanging with his friends. 

2. Don't Bring Her With You Unannounced: This particularly applies if it's an all-dudes gathering (playing cards, watching the game, etc.). No offense to her—it's just that having a girl at Boys' Night can change the dynamic. 

3. Don't Reveal Things You Discussed With Your Friend(s) To Her: Remember: something that you and your boys think is funny or non-offensive might play a whole lot differently to her ears. Plus, nobody likes a tattle-tale. 

4. Don't Become a Total Homebody: A certain amount of curtailing your nightlife is to be expected, but after the third week of staying in with a bottle of wine and a movie, you're gonna start to seem lame rather than tame. 

5. Do Not Tell Her What Happened in Vegas: Do we really need to explain this one? 

6. Maintain the Big Traditions: Whether it's playing on a softball team, or weekly pick-up games, or that annual fishing trip, or whatever: some traditions were not made to be broken, especially if it's to hang out with your lady instead. 

7. Don't Kiss and Tell: Sure, you can speak in generalities about a great "physical connection," etc., but you do not want your boys knowing the intimate details of your relationship. 

8. Don't Let Her Poison the Well: You guys have been friends for a long time for a reason. Don't let any girl turn you against your boys for perceptions she may have of them. 

9. Don't Brag: Your boys want you to be happy, and they want to like the girl you're with. But you don't need to force upon them why she's so great. Let them discover it on their own. 

10. Stay Yourself: Cleaning up your act and becoming a better man is one thing. But changing who you are to try and please someone is a quick way to alienate friends and lose your girl.