When it comes to sports, the most athletic group of NBA players are rivaled by few others.

Their combination of speed, strength, size and agility are uniquely tied to a vertical game that is often played above the rim.

Like most sports video games, speed and power often reign supreme. And if you look at a list of the greatest players in NBA history, it’s no coincidence that they’re also some of the most athletic players to ever step foot on the hardwood. Combine them all onto a single NBA 2K team, and you have one of the most dominant squads ever assembled.

It wasn’t easy rattling the list down to 13 players. There are so many worthy candidates, but NBA rosters are limited to 13 players these days, so we’ll be doing the same here. So who made the cut for the most freakishly athletic NBA 2K team ever assembled?

* Not all verticals are official numbers. Some of the reported verticals are only rumored and estimated.