There are a lot of headphones out on the market today. Walk into any major electronics store and you'll likely see a multitude of headphones to choose from, but with one slight problem: they all look and feel the same. Yeah, some my differentiate themselves from the others by adding some blinking lights and bright colors. But if you're not trying to look like you just stepped out of a rave, your selections might be slim to none.

Master & Dynamics' new MH40 headphones are mature and classy, and feel great when they're on. At least for us, half of the headphones we put on end up hurting our ears after 45 minutes. These are soft-cushioned, and you can easily leave them on for a long period of time, whether you're in the office or on a long trip home. The device comes in a slick brown or black design, which gives off a cool "grown-up" look. It comes with a detachable tangle-free cord that can be plugged into either side of the headphone itself. The only downside is if you're playing your tunes at a high volume, the sound will leak... so be careful playing it loudly around people in a quiet environment. Bright side is, you won't be able to hear them thanks to noise-cancellation.

Check out the models below, and pick them up here for $399.