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Check out this passive-aggressive diplomacy: In what's probably the sneakiest Twitter move yet, India's former prime minister, Manmohan Singh, has wrested 1.24 million followers and social media assets away from the country's newly elected PM Narendra ModiBy switching the handle @PMOIndia to @PMOIndiaArchive, Singh has effectively given Modi no choice but to build his own political following from scratch. It shouldn't be too hard, though—Modi's personal account already has 4.2 million followers.

Modi's Bharatiya Janata Party took offense to the slight, calling the act an illegal theft of a 'national digital asset'. 

We hope better sense prevails, tweets of outgoing @PMOIndia are archived according to legal procedures and clean transition takes place. 3/3

— BJP (@BJP4India) May 20, 2014

It is ungraceful, unethical and illegal in the way outgoing team in @PMOIndia has handled the transition of this National Digital asset. 2/3

— BJP (@BJP4India) May 20, 2014

Continuity in governance and all government assets is the hallmark of Indian constitution. @PMOIndia is a National digital asset. 1/3

— BJP (@BJP4India) May 20, 2014

[via CNET]