Two weeks after an execution went horribly wrong in Oklahoma, Texas will hold the first execution in the U.S. since the incident. 

Robert Campbell James, convicted for raping and murdering 20-year-old Alexandra Rendon in 1991, is set to die by lethal injection. James, now 41, was just 18 when he and a co-conspirator kidnapped Rendon, sexually assaulted her and told her to run away before shooting her in the back. Furthermore, he was accused of another abduction before being arrested for Rendon's murder, which he confessed to. 

According to NBC News, Campbell's attorneys tried to use the horrid circumstances under which Clayton Lockett died on Apr. 29 to win a stay on the execution. It was denied, as the state argued that it uses three drugs during injections compared to Oklahoma's one, as the safety concerns around the use of compounded drugs was flagged as an issue in Lockett's execution.

[via Gawker and NBC News]

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