Permaband is a group made up of members of EVE Online creator CCP's development team. This isn't the group's first video, but unlike their past meme-laden rap attempts (below) this is goddamn epic.

The song 'Killing is Just a Means' is an ode to virtual space war and caps off the latest EVE Fanfest where the company unveiled the first real life monument to virtual spaceships, some of their developers got beat up by a UFC fighter, and the 11 year anniversary of the massively multiplayer online game.

So why the hell is CCP doing all this crazy stuff? I've been to Iceland and to put it lightly, there isn't much to do. So in this near-lunar landscape the developer will keep breaking ground in the virtual world and undoubtedly drinking a lot of viking beer. Skál!

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[via Kotaku]