Ubisoft's open-world hacking game Watch Dogs is definitely channeling some cyberpunk lore with its cast of characters. Bringing back to mind the aesthetic of nose piercing and ambiguously dark tattoo laden The Matrix this new trailer introduces you to some of the main characters.

Set in a vaguely futurist Chicago that's been wired to the hilt, it seems you won't just be hacking things. If this trailer is any indication gamers will also be blowing the living crap out of the everything. Oh, you may have heard of this new thing. It's called a sticky bomb.

Any predictions? Love interests much? Watch Dogs drops on May 27. Check out the multiplayer walkthrough, first DLC inspired by cult film classic They Live and the sequel that's set to drop the same day as the game releases, all in the links below.

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[via RockPaperShotgun]